Fire Restoration Services Sandy Springs GA

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Restoring a home after a fire is a time-consuming endeavor. A skilled professional who has the experience required to remove and rule out any contaminants must perform cleanup, because all of these contaminants can worsen the overall damage.

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What causes fire damage in Sandy Springs GA

Fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature. There are several causes for a fire. They include electrical malfunction, faulty appliances, unattended cooking, carelessness with matches, and arson.

As we all know 37.3% of the fire damage cases are caused by cooking. It can be due to forgetting to check on the food or perhaps there was a gas leak, which can cause a heavy explosion if connected with a single spark.

What do our fire restoration services in Sandy Springs offer?

When you call a specialized team to extinguish fire, they don't always take the precaution steps and just go inside to fight fire with water. The water may extinguish the fire, but you will get a flooded home, which needs to be dry.

And if you don't dry your home in time mold starts coming up after a few days. Every day mold spreads and grows, but in the first days it is hard to see it with a human eye.

It takes up to 2 weeks to start seeing stains of mold on your walls, which damage your home and your life. Mold can harm your lungs and cause breathing problems, which get worse with time.

That's why we are specialized in fire restorations and after our service is done, you will be not regret your choice.

Do you offer Emergency Fire Restoration Services in Sandy Springs GA?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year and accept emergency calls regarding fire restoration in Sandy Springs.

We dedicate all of our time in taking your home to its pre loss state, no matter the place, conditions or the time.

We ensure the safety of your home

Your home will last for decades to come

We use professional materials for restoration

Restoration services in Sandy Springs GA

Water damage restoration

Returning your water damaged property to its pre-loss condition.

Fire damage restoration

Returning your fire damaged property to its pre-loss condition.

Flooded basement extraction

Remove any growing or spreading mold from your home.


Vacuum damaged areas at elevated temperature for removing fatty acids

Mold damage restoration

Grote proeverij van Italiaanse vleeswaren en kazen, geserveerd met brood

Smoke Damage Removal

Remove the smoke from fire damages, and prepare the area for restoration.

Emergency water extraction

Water extraction service, which requires immediate response to prevent mold growing, and further disasters.

Upholstery cleaning

Professional cleaning service meant to bring your upholstery to a brand-new condition

Frequently Asked Questions on Fire Restoration Services in Sandy Springs GA

Can I clean the fire damage myself

In most cases, fire damages may be small, but still could cause major problems. Fixing fire damages alone can be hazardous and intoxicating. Not to mention the risks of structural integrity being damaged.

Our fire damage professionals have extensive restoration skills and can use advanced cleaning solutions to restore the affected area safely.

Can I stay in my home during the fire restoration process?

Remaining in the home while performing fire restoration can be risky. Depending on the fire damage, different risks may pose to your family’s health.

In some situations, our professionals can permit you to stay, but it depends on the area affected by the fire.

Does water hurt my home if used for fire extinguishing?

If your home has been flooded by water, it could cause mold development and growth. As mold can’t be seen in its early stages, your home may be seriously contaminated.

In such cases, our experts perform mold check-ups and will exterminate any traces of mold.