Restoration Services Lake City

Bring your home to its pre loss condition and even beautify.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Full removal and replacement of damaged materials, and also smoke remediation.

Water Restoration

Water draining and home drying services, to bring your home to its pre loss condition.

Mold Restoration

Full mold removal and remediation in each contaminated area.

Cleaning Services

Stains and mold removal from contaminated carpets, sofas, couches and rugs.

Frequently asked questions for Fire, Water and Mold Restoration in Lake City GA

If the fire was small, can I clean it myself?

Even small fires can cause health problems. Fixing fire a damaged home can be dangerous. It’s hazardous to inhale the smoke, soot, and fumes. Our fire restoration professionals have extensive knowledge, so they can restore your home safely, without exposing you and your family to toxins.

How long does the cleaning process take?

It always depends on the damages, and current house situation. While some houses are easier to restore, others may be severely damaged, and require isolation before proceeding.

Processes like fire or water restoration may take anywhere from a few days to a month for a full restoration. However, mold related issues take a lot less time to get finished.

Is it safe to stay in my home during the cleaning process?

While our professionals are restoring your home from water, fire or mold damages, remaining at home may cause serious health issues. Each of our remediation experts uses extensive protection, to avoid inhaling toxic waste, left from the disaster in your home.

Staying at your home may not be safe or advisable, but once the area is safe, we will let you know.

Should I clean the water that was used to take out the fire?

The water used to take out the fire in your home can be highly toxic, and inappropriate to leave as is. It can lead to serious health issues, or development of mold. Even though you don't see the water, it may have soaked in your walls, floors or even ceilings.