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Has your home suffered from bad home conditions, or perhaps it had an accident from mold damages or water leaks? No matter the conditions or what caused the mold to grow, our mold restoration services will take your home back to its pre loss condition. And even make it better than ever!

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What is mold and what causes it to grow in Smyrna GA

Mold is a type of fungus that can thrive on the surface of cellulose-containing materials such as wood, paper and drywall. It can appear in your home without you even knowing it. Mold is usually black or green and can take on different shapes and textures depending on its environment, but it will always produce a musty and earthy odor when it's present. 

It prefers dark, warm, moist places in order to grow and spread. Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are susceptible to mold growth since it can grow on surfaces such as grout, wallpaper, and paint. 

 A common misconception is that mold grows from dirt and humidity. In truth, the presence of oxygen and the availability of carbohydrates are the primary causes for mold to grow. Once these conditions are met, mold can rapidly spread and reproduce through their spores.

What do our mold restoration services in Smyrna offer?

Molds can release mold spores into the air, which may lead to health problems for individuals with asthma or allergies. Molds can additionally lower indoor air quality by emitting organic matter and allergens.

They also cause severe allergic reactions, nasal congestion, throat irritation, wheezing, and skin irritation.

Do you offer Emergency Fire Restoration Services in Smyrna GA?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year and accept emergency calls regarding fire restoration in Smyrna.

You can call us at any time and expect an ICRC certified expert at your home to help you choose an insurance and plan for your home.

In most of the cases you should be prepared for growing mold on the surface. This mold can be dangerous and will require expert touch, in order to be fully removed from your home.

We ensure the safety of your home

Your home will last for decades to come

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Mold Restoration services offered in Smyrna GA

Mold Removal

Remove any growing or spreading mold from your home, and bringing any restorable furniture to their pre-loss condition.

Contents cleaning

Clean and disinfect damaged by smoke, mold, or water areas in your home.


Vacuum damaged areas at elevated temperature for removing fatty acids, and volatile components.

Emergency water extraction

Water extraction service, which requires immediate response to prevent mold growing, and further disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fire Restoration Services in Smyrna GA

How does your mold remediation process work?

We start by isolating all areas damaged by mold. Afterward, our work involves removing the moldy surroundings and cleaning surrounding areas.

Can a general contractor remove mold from my house?

Most of the time, general contractors reach out to restoration companies like ours, to clean mold, as it requires special equipment and ICRC certification.